Visual Communication
David Fischbach

Left: Reuters (Detail), F.A.S. 10.6.2012, Right: Plainpicture, F.A.S. 17.6.2012
Left: Lions Gate Films Inc., Studiocanal, F.A.S. 1.4.2012, Right: Total (Detail), F.A.S. 1.4.2012
Left: Jens Gyarmaty (Detail), F.A.S. 1.4.2012, Right: Teleact (Detail), F.A.S. 1.4.2012
Left: Delius Klasing Verlag (Detail), F.A.S. 8.4.2012, Right: Sven Döring, Agentur Focus (Detail), F.A.S. 22.4.2012
Left: Action Press (Detail), F.A.S. 8.4.2012, Right: Empty Quarter, F.A.S. 8.4.2012
Left: Fedephoto, StudioX (Detail), F.A.S. 22.4.2012, Right: Laif (Detail), F.A.S. 22.4.2012
Left: Barbara Klemm (Detail), F.A.S. 13.5.2012, Right: Bryan Adams (Detail), F.A.S. 24.6.2012
Left: dpa (Detail), F.A.S. 13.5.2012, Right: Jack Gallant, F.A.S. 20.5.2012
Left: Picture Alliance (Detail), F.A.S. 3.6.2012, Right: Getty Images (Detail), F.A.S. 3.6.2012
Left: Thomas Aurin (Detail), F.A.S. 3.6.2012, Right: Marcus Stölb (Detail), F.A.S. 27.5.2012
Left: Thomas Struth (Detail), F.A.S. 17.6.2012, Right: dpa (Detail), F.A.S. 24.6.2012

Picture Pairs – F.A.S.

Newspaper photos are always connected to a newspaper article. If the photo is isolated from the article, the content message can vary. The photo series »Picture Pairs – Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung« not only shows the newspaper photo in isolation from its article, but also in combination with another image. The resulting independent photos form a diptych, which creates a new content message, requiring the viewer’s imagination. The only information left to the viewer is the photographer’s name and the date of the newspaper edition. At the beginning of 2012 the »Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung« was named the »World’s Best-Designed Newspaper« for the fifth time.